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Reasons why eCommerce does not work for orders and collections with B2B distributor customers

By 31 de January de 2023No Comments
  • Customers do not use an online store on their mobile to place similar orders every week or several times a week
  • Prefer a solution that looks like WhatsApp without learning
  • In web type e-commerce there are no favorite products to place similar orders in a few seconds and the customer has to “work” the order for too many seconds.
  • In the online store you have to enter username and password each time and in the app you do not.

We have learned all of this since 2013. Often a customer contacts us interested in 20 Bananas as a vendor app or customer app for them to place orders. But it is easier for him to set up an online store.

After 1 or 2 years the customer contacts us again because the online store has not worked for him.