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Supervise sales representatives, deliverymen, customers, orders, deliveries, collections and payments from your office.

Designed for your distributor’s manager and telesales team. Here you can see everything that is happening in actual time and intervene if necessary by talking to customers and vendors trough the chat. It also has sortable sections for orders, products, prices, offers, brochures, sales representatives, customers and deliverymen.

Connected to Google Sheets

You can update prices and products directly in the Google Spreadsheet and have the changes reflected immediately in the different apps.

You can also download the orders from 20 Bananas to Google Sheets so you can organize them as you want, convert them into invoices, modify them, print them… whatever you like.


Connected to Odoo

Connected to this very popular, growing and competitively priced online management suite.

It is a good solution for Wholesale Distributors because of its many functionalities (Invoicing, Point of Sale, Website Builder, Inventory, Purchasing, Employees, Fleet…) that we can connect you in 24 hours.

API to connect to your computer system

We have our own connectors with Ahora Software, Sage 50 and Aqua Solutions. Our partners have connectors with Sage 200 as well.

With our API any IT person can connect any ERP Invoicing System. Although those who are anchored in the past do not usually want to connect with us because they see us as potential competition.


Prueba 20 Bananas

Prueba ahora 20 Bananas gratis y sin compromiso y explora todas sus funcionalidades.