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Find the right service for your distributor and stop wasting time managing orders, collections and shipments like in the last century.

Web Supervisor


Help in initial loading if you do not connect ERP
Chat support
Sales representatives app


1 user
Unlimited orders
Unlimited charges
Chat support
Delivery App


1 user
Unlimited deliveries
Unlimited charges
Chat support
Client App


0.20 per order initiated by the customer
0,20 € per Redsys POS collection
Chat with sales representatives
Chat support
Client App with your brand (optional)

3.600 €

/initial and one-time payment
Android version, iOS for Iphone and web with your corporate colors. Functionality identical to 20 Bananas. Prices do not include VAT.
Basic connection to ERP via API


/initial payment
The price includes connecting products, orders with online ERP with open API. It’s enough to use most of the functions and get you up and running.
Custom programming connector


We can customize the connector to achieve the maximum functionality of the app and synchronize it with your ERP. Prices do not include VAT.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

How long is the trial period?

The free trial period lasts 14 calendar days. During this time you will have active most of the functionalities and technical support trough chat within the web and apps.

How much does it cost to subscribe to 20 Bananas?

The price of 20 Bananas starts at 20 euros and is adjusted to your distributor’s operations, depending on the number of contracted users, the orders, collections and deliveries processed. VAT is not included in these rates.

What if I subscribe in the middle of the month?

If you sign up for 20 Bananas for the first time, once the month has started you will only pay the proportional part of the days you have had your license operational.

What if I expand or reduce the number of users?

In 20 Bananas you can have as many users as sales representatives and deliverers working in your distributor (customers are free). In fact, having one user per salesperson is important to provide a truly personalized service. The cost per sales representative or delivery user is 20 €/month. If you create additional users after the month has started, you will only pay the proportional part of the time they have been active.

What if my distributor has more than one geographic delegation?

No problem, we have a web version for delegations. You will have a general website where you will see all the salesmen, deliverymen and customers and a website for each delegation where you will control the salesmen, deliverymen and customers of that delegation. The functions that each delegation sees are customizable. The additional cost is 20 €/month per delegation and you will have all the functionalities included in your plan in those new delegations that we activate.

Is the trial period free of charge and without obligation?

Of course, this trial period is free of charge and comes with no strings attached. It will allow you to work for 14 days and test the different functionalities to evaluate if the tool fits in your daily life before making a decision. After this period we will delete the data unless you tell us otherwise.

I want to subscribe to 20 Bananas, what do I do?

Simple, you just have to register through one of the buttons of “Free Trial”. That you will find on this website. At the end of your trial period you will automatically become a 20 Bananas customer at the rate you have chosen, it’s that easy! Are ready to enjoy 20 Bananas at 100%?

Will the contract be permanence?

No, there is no type of permanence associated with the contracting of the service.

I want to discontinue service, how do I process my cancellation?

If you want to discontinue the service just send an email to to cancel your subscription. From that moment on, the cancellation will be automatically registered and will become effective at the end of the current month. If after some time you would like to come back to work with us, we will be pleased to welcome you. We keep the registered data for a security period of 30 days in case you want to hire the service again. We can also immediately delete your data if you prefer.

No tariff fits my distributor, are there options for me?

If our rates do not cover your needs because you process many orders of small value, please write to us at or talk to us by WhatsApp and we will discuss your case. We make exceptions but we always keep the logic of charging variable according to the value you get from 20 Bananas.

What do I have to do if I want to change my rate?

If you want to change the number of licenses of sales representatives or deliverymen just send an email to or talk to us by WhatsApp. You can do it any day of the month. Remember that your new price will start to be billed on the 1st of the following month.

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