Simple como WhatsApp


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How it works

Keep up with the orders of your salesreps
Registry of the payments of your salesreps
Todos conocen las expediciones entregadas en tiempo real
App vendedor
Rápida para no retrasar tus visitas y fácil de entender sin formación
App repartidor
Cobros, entregas y optimización de rutas
Client app
Connect with your customers as if it were whatsapp
Web supervisora
Controla pedidos, cobros, entregas y supervisa a vendedores, repartidores y clientes en tiempo real
Your POS
Redsys Virtual POS from your bank for client payments
Your own app with the logo of your company
Understand your sales reps and clients
Connectors and API
For you to connect your ERP
Excel y Google Sheets
Manéjalo importando y exportando con Excel, Google Sheets, JSON o CSV

Conectable con tu ERP, Excel y Google Sheets

Web Business Manager



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