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Sales representatives

Fast and complete

It saves you time instead of slowing down your route.

With all the functions you use every day and a chat to communicate any unforeseen events in a coordinated manner.

Shipment of orders

This is the basic function, to send orders accurately and quickly so that they start to be processed immediately.


Invoice collection

Registration of cash invoices, external datafono and virtual POS. Available synchronization with your invoicing system for accounting reconciliation that saves a lot of work for both sales and administration staff.

Order your routes

Sort your routes by day and by visit shift. It is very useful for the incumbent route salesperson but even more useful for the salespersons who fill in for vacations and temporary leaves. They also have at their disposal the cell phone of each client, their location with direct link to Google Maps.


Prueba 20 Bananas

Prueba ahora 20 Bananas gratis y sin compromiso y explora todas sus funcionalidades.