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Dynamic markets, changing customer tastes and rising buyer expectations are pressuring brands and distributors. According to data prior to the pandemic, digital sales were already gaining strength in companies. However, it has not been until 2020 when companies have seen the need to commit to digital transformation and adapt to new market demands.

To cope with this increasingly demanding demand, the most efficient is to work with a e-commerce platforms, to manage your orders. And, in addition, to keep track of their customers, inventories and warehouses, you have to have an ERP that optimizes and simplifies your business processes.

If you want your wholesale company to have more salevolume and a seamless flow of information, then Sage 200 with a combination of the 20bananas selling app can be your B2B solution. In this article we want to talk about the ERP system Sage 200 in combination with the 20Bananas technological solutions for wholsesales companies. We would like to tell you more about this succesful connection. Keep reading!

Explanation of the ERP system Sage 200

A quality Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is critical for any business, because it is the core of a business or organization. A fully integrated ERP system allows the seamless flow of information across different departments and functions.

Sage 200 is the business management software for small companies that are starting their journey in the digitization of their business. It is a modular, flexible and scalable ERP that meets the basic functionalities that any company of this size needs. In addition, it includes all kinds of operational processes to improve productivity and connection between the different departments.

Explanation of 20 Bananas

20Bananas: what is it and how does it benefit your sales?

Besides a distribution website 20 Bananas is offering easy apps for ordering, billing and delivery for wholesale distribution centers that will safe you a lot of time. It’s whatsapp communicationplatform for wholesale companies. With 20 bananas you will increase your sales volume and It’s easy to use and to understand at the first time. 20 bananas has created 3 different apps and a webpage with all the best solutions. You can choose just one or use them all together to have the best results.


With the distributor webpage you will be able to: Supervise sales representatives, deliverymen, customers, orders, deliveries, collections and payments from your office. It’s designed for your distributor’s manager and tele sales team. Here you can see everything that is happening in actual time and intervene if necessary by talking to customers and vendors trough the chat. It also has sortable sections for orders, products, prices, offers, brochures, sales representatives, customers and deliverymen.

Besides the distributor website we offer 3 different apps:


The 20 Bananas Sales representatives app is a fast and complete seller app. It will saves you time instead of delaying your route. It has different features with for example:

  • shipping orders
  • bill collection
  • custom customer ordering
  • favorite consumer products
  • target sales products
  • Phone, location and customer statistics
  • Self-assessment of your work


Make it easier for your customers to order more and better

  • The customer understands it at the first time because of its resemblance to WhatsApp.
  • Marking favorite products to make ordering easy
  • Offers and the entire catalog for you to order more
  • Chat with the seller
  • Coordinated delivery and payment information
  • Easy and balanced functions to keep customers ordering what they like and trying new products that benefit the business.


A easy Delivery App, connected with sales representatives and customers. With all the power of Google Maps, the delivery app will save time for the delivery driver and all distribution personnel by communicating in real time the deliveries of each shipment or delivery note. Also the collection of each invoice is coordinated with the customer and vendor app.

We have advanced features that you can use in your delivery app:

  • Address capture
  • Route optimization
  • Delivery routing and navigation
  • Shipment tracking
  • Fleet Performance.

How 20Bananas and Sage 200 successfully work together

20Bananas works well together with the ERP system: Sage 200 to give the best sales solution for wholesale companies. Since 2017 Sage200 is being used by 20Bananas for a successful collaboration with the wholesale distribution company Europ Foods. They distribute products to all the coastal areas on the mainland. Because of …..

Still don’t have an ERP and Ecommerce solution? Sage 200 and 20Bananas may be your first experience!