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The world of technology is ever changing and as such we must always be ready for the new and latest opportunities. Many new technologies will be introduced every year to tackle world issues. 2022 has been another big year for 20 Bananas with continued growth, tons of new features, and a bit of structural change as an organization.

Because it’s almost the end of the year, we are excited to inform you about our 7 biggest changes!

1. The launch of our new delivery driver App

Deliveries and payments are now sorted because we have just launched a new app for delivery drivers:

  • Address capture
  • Route optimization
  • Delivery routing and navigation
  • Shipment tracking
  • Fleet Performance.

2. Integration with Last Mile Fleet

Recently we have got a integration with the Google Last Mile Fleet. This innovative technology ensures a sustainable solution to help fleet operators improve various aspects of the last mile delivery process.

With this collaboration we can offer you the best possible delivery experiences trough the Google Maps Platform. The Google Maps Fleet Tracking web app can be used by companies to track delivery vehicles. We offer you a solution with functions for mapping, routing, and places functionality. It also includes a backend service to help orchestrate delivery journeys across drivers, consumers, and fleet operations teams. We integrated the route optimization in our delivery app and in the web supervisor.

3. Payments in Sales Rep App

We are happy to inform you that the app is now complete!

4. Integration with Ahora Software and Tour

On May 17, we were present by the last day of the AHORA May Tour 2022 that was held in Seville. AHORA informed us with all their news about the new functionalities implemented, flexygo products, a presentation of the new products, roadmaps and projects.

We are very happy to have a integration with the Ahora software, it is the perfect ERP for Spanish companies with a great implementation support.

5. Integration with Odoo

We now have a Integration with Odoo!

Odoo is the Perfect ERP for independent companies that want to work online. Odoo apps are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes and reap the savings and benefits. We ourselves are very satisfied with this ERP and that’s why we also integrated Odoo as our very own ERP.

6. Clients in new sectors

It seems that there is a trend of welcoming costumers in different sectors. At the moment our clients have companies in the following industries: Food & Beverage, Eyewear, Fast-moving consumer goods and Fashion & Accessoires.

This year we want to welcome a company that is specialized in watersport. They sell kitesurfing, surfing, foiling and wing surfing products in all sizes and colors. gives us the opportunity to introduce the: Outdoor & Sporting Goods sector.

7. International languages and expansion

We are very happy with our client Europ Foods in Portugal. We are increasingly focused this year on becoming internationally accessible. We are making this possible by releasing information, blogs, social media posts and our website also in English. We would like to inform you that we are also available in the English language and that our services can be offered internationally.

We always stay updated with the latest trends and updates to be the best B2B sales solution for your company. We are very excited of what 2023 can bring us.

Also we want to give thanks to all our loyal custumers who stay with us every year and made this possible. 20Bananas wishes you happy holidays and the best wishes for 2023!