After 8 years of developing solutions in 20 Bananas for order taking both from sales reps and clients we found there are at least 6 categories you should browse to find the best solution for your B2B distribution company:

Category of software solutionsWhat solutions and features you will find in the category
Order EntryReal time order entry and remote order entry as main features. Basically apps in iOS, Android and Web B2B Ecommerce where sales staff introduce orders and professional buyers such as bars, restaurants, convenience shops, hardware shops can also order products on a regular basis. Also can manage those orders and pay then.
Order ManagementMore complete software with desktop emphasis. orders can be accepted, rejected and cover the whole distribution process. Usually also includes the order taking category features.
Catalog ManagementYou can find good apps in this category of Catalog Management for B2B orders but it cover more conveniently B2C solutions for selling in marketplaces such as Amazon. Very useful to omnichannel companies with troubles to coordinate the mess of so many flows to attend properly.
Customer Communications ManagementSince the arrival of WhatsApp, clients want a immediate response to their orders introduction and incidence on orders. WhatsApp for Business is the leader but is not really SME Business friendly yet so you can go to options such as Zoho, Zendesk and similars. But no real order fullfilment in these solutions.
Live ChatWith so many options is difficult to narrow down options in this Live Chat category. We would recommend at least a link in your home page.
Food Service DistributionNot really a order taking category it self but most of Foodservice distribution companies operate with widespread sales teams on field and you can find software combo solutions with order taking and complete ERP for managing the whole procces.
If you fall short whith WhatsApp Catalogs and WhatsApp for business in your company, you should start the discovery travel to find the best order taking solutions available in the international market.

In 20 Bananas we can help your wholesale company with an app to place orders from your sales rep team and from your professional clients. Contact us for a demo and a free 14 days trial of the WhatsApp alike app for recurring orders.

Where can I find solutions?

  • Grab a good mug of coffee and launch a search in Google for «best order entry software»
  • Go to specialized directories such as Capterra and browse categories such as Order entry software or Order Management Software and do not forget to use the sort by feature (by default is sponsored).
  • You also have a long list of SaaS software directories ( Capterra above mentioned, Ready SaaS Go, Akita, GetApp, Trustpilot (not really a directory only of software but useful) , Ready SaaS Go, SaaS Directory)

Good luck for the journey.

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