A- FORMER CLIENTS = Best  option because orders go directly to your system.

  1. Search client in the app.
  2. Click on activate customer button.

B- NEW CLIENT = Clinch that deal but the orders will not go to your system until we assign a client code.

New customer that is not registered in your ERP yet.

  1. Click orange button «Add new contact».
  2. Fill in mobile phone and name of new client (recomended take it from your phone contact list).
  3. As soon as your office create that client in your system and you know the client number communicate it to App support channel and we will asign it.

Share invitation by Whatsapp

If this is the first time you chat with that contact, tell him to say hello to activate the appstore and google play links to download the app.

Whatsapp blocks the links if it is the first time you chat to someone to prevent spam.

Recomended 1 user (mobile number) per client

  • Several users can use the same user account (mobile number) in different devices.
  • This keeps the communication more simple and coordinated.
  • You can also assign the same client code to different users (mobile numbers) within the same client but you can only activate the first one from the preloaded client list and normally it generates confusion.


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